The resources invested by Riva del Garda Fierecongressi through RFC Real Estate, which amount to 30 million euros, concern the land to the north of the exhibition area and are part of a wider development of the entire Exhibition Centre.

New spaces

The development project aims to expand and modernise the current spaces, making it possible to achieve 67,000 square meters of gross exhibition area. 

Regeneration of the existing premises

The modernisation and redevelopment of the premises is designed to best meet the varying commercial and management needs, and at the same time to preserve and enhance the area in its historical location.Key aspects of building sustainability are favoured using versatile and zero-km materials, linked, where possible, to the wood supply chain. The project also includes the application of a metal skin that architecturally characterises the new intervention, connecting to the existing with a contrasting texture. Parking areas are also implemented to encourage car sharing and transport by collective shuttle buses.

New services and exhibition opportunities

The renovated complex is made up of a system of interconnected structures, capable of accommodating several events simultaneously in a slick, versatile manner. The overall reorganisation of services, routes and car parks - located on the top floor of the structure, in a multi-storey complex, as well as the surrounding surface areas - are accompanied by the construction of a new main entrance and a new double height foyer, featuring a large glazed portal and a spacious area dedicated to the ticket office and information point.


For the local community

Architectural enhancement. The project is committed to having a territorial vision, not just limited to the complex itself, but capable of connecting the exhibition spaces to the surrounding area, respecting the urban context in which it is located and paying particular attention to the environment through an architectural style in-keeping with the existing premises.

Local revenue. A district of high public interest and strategically relevant, able to attract events of international importance and act as a driving force for the tourist and economic development of Riva del Garda. The intervention and the renovated exhibition centre will facilitate increased competitiveness at national and international level for Riva del Garda Fierecongressi, which, through its role as host venue and event organiser, contributes to generating income in the local area.

For the exhibition participants

Greater flexibility. The project will make it possible to refine yet further the exhibition offer by increasing volumes and, at the same time, enhancing the spaces of the entire complex to guarantee a state-of-the-art home for events, supported by top quality service, welcoming visitors in the best possible way and meeting the needs of our exhibitors through even more flexible solutions.

Greater accessibility. The addition of a new parking area and a new entrance will make it possible to expand the logistical possibilities and further differentiate the access and exit routes. This, in turn, will optimise flow and throughput on various levels facilitating both the management and use of the space.